The Tree is Up! 

Today was a good day.


I started out with a run through Lincoln Park. It really is great having that park so close, and being able to take a run or a stroll or whatever along the water within 5 minutes. (This picture is at Sunset from our house, with our ham-radio enthusiast neighbor's antenna bisecting our view. Even that can't screw up a nice sunset near the end of a good day).

We got the tree up, and Louise had a 1st this PM - she ASKED me to take a picture and post it on knlranch, along with a suggested caption. I don't think she liked seeing some unknown kid playing ukulele on the top of our home page. Whatever the reason, here goes:


What happened to that snowflake?!?!

Tomorrow we go to see Santa, so that's exciting. It's felt like a busy, frantic holiday season off-and-on, but today was easier to kick-back and just enjoy.



And I've got to share this picture. Louise's friend Zovie (with her mom's help) made Louise's Doll, Mia, a Christmas Dress. Zovie has Mia's friend, Julie - so the two dolls have matching Christmas Dresses. And Louise looks pretty happy about it.


No parade of witty links today. Maybe a mention that Daptone records has a free Christmas song you can download by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - "Ain't no Chimneys in the Projects" - you just need to sign up for their newsletter. And if Sharon Jones is coming to town, you want to know. Good tunes.

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