Happy Record Store Day! 


Santa Monic Pier, from the Ferris-Wheel - which has nothing to do with anything, but I like the picture.

Sure, I download as much music as the next person, but it's hard for me not to support Record Store Day.

My long-standing complaint about my local store was that they often don't have a specific title I'm looking for (most recently, Annette Hanshaw), so it's off the Amazon I go. But saw where someone noted recently that Amazon takes 2-3 days to deliver, which is about how long a CD ordered in-store will take to come in. So why not shop locally?

So, in support of music and walkable cities, I'm headed down to Easy Street today to do some shopping. And most of the 'good' record stores I can think of that are still in business have diversified, so if you can't find any music to buy, you can probably find something....

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