background dude, where are thou? 

and ... I know I don't really maintain my blog, but ... when did I lose the background image?  Grump.


I see.  The picture of the background dude was hosted at my comcast site, which I pay even LESS attention to than this blog. Didn't stand a chance....


I really should start posting again.

Look at this interesting graph of "Interest over time" for the terms:

+ Telemark
+ Alpine Touring
+ Backcountry

Maybe I should use the blog as a place to publicly declare my 2016 Resolutions! Avoiding the shame of publicly failing has always been a strong motivator for me.  But I'm not sure it should be ... so maybe I won't post them.

Oh well - for now it's always fun to look back on the year of music, and make a top-10 list:


And here's my latest viz I posted Tableau Public, looking at reported Bicycle Collision Data for the Seattle area.

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