Holy Smkoes, it's almost OCTOBER! 

Since October is my birthday month, I'm tuned into it. And surprised that it seems to come faster and faster each year.

A cute yellow octopus (?) & Louise
Louise and an friend

Fall is always busy - I recently got back from a business trip to China, and go again in ~3 weeks. In between, we're jam packed: Visit from Mummsie & Papa, BrickCon2011, Girl Scout camp trip & a Road-Trip to our College reunion in Spokane. Whew.

Last Night was a LATE night, but worth it - I got to see Quantic (DJing, not w/ the Quantic Soul Orchestra or Combo Barabo), and it was good. Real good. And I found out about this pretty cool streaming music dealie-bob below: The Red Bull Music Academy. And they have an App (of course). Red Bull is quite the marketing phenomena, huh? I think I know what I'll be listening to at work today....

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