Banksy Film! 

I saw the tail end of a clip on the local news in Salt Lake City about some Banksy art in Park City - I figured it had to do with Sundance, but I didn't know he had a film that was premiering there!

Now it all makes sense.

And I just heard about Colt, Washington state's latest celebrity Fujitive. And after just finishing Isabell Allende's Zorro , I'm enjoying pop-culture outlaws. Always have, I suppose....

Big break from blogging there - maybe I'll dive back into it. Trip to China has been postponed, so that's nice.


HAPPY 2010! 

Yesterday Louise said she wanted to stay up 'til midnight, and she did it! But just barely, at 11:45, she was pretty exhausted and ready to throw in the towel. But since she made us stay up that late, we made her stay up the remaining 15 minutes.

We didn't have any plans, and figured ringing in the new year with just the 3 of us would be nice, so we watched a lot of Disney TV to keep Lou awake and watched the ball drop @ Times Square on TV at midnight, then rushed upstairs to go to bed.

Staying up late does help me sleep in a bit more, so that's good - I made it to 6:30 this morning! I wonder when Louise will be up.

Today we're taking it easy - a few small projects around the house, talking about our New Year's Revolutions (Louise's word selection - maybe she misunderstood me, maybe not?), etc. Nasty weather out there, and it's supposed to warm up a bit today, so I think we'll wait 'til Sat or Sunday to ski - I like new snow, but don't like skiing in the rain....

And now, what you've all been waiting for - my (our?) top-10 list for 2009. It's not in order, , I'm not sure there's 10 there, it mixes up genres (books, movies, music, print art, etc), and some of it's older than 2009, but still - why not? Let me know if I left anything out (one of these days I'll move the blog and enable comments...).

God Help the Girl
Louise Loves this band. Heck, we all do. Kim Collmer said it reminds her of the movie Umbrellas of Cherbourg, which I haven't seen in so long, I can't remember - but that sounds about right.

Caspar Babypants
We saw him, as pictured, at the arts-in-nature festival this summer, and were hooked. Then, Louise had an after-school class at school: Happy Song Time with Caspar BabyPants, and now we like him even more. Good fun songs.

Being fans of all things Miyazaki, We knew we'd like this movie - so it's not a surprise entry. But if you haven't seen it - go. Santa put putt-putt boats in all of our stockings this year, so maybe we'll re-create scenes of the movie later this year!

LEGO Star Wars
Not really the video game, which I'm sure is fun and all - but really LEGOs and STAR-WARS, and the little short movies on LEGO TV, and .... I'm not sure what or why - but it's been fun re-discovering Star Wars via LEGOs. Now, if only the Ahsoka mini-figure was still available in stores.

Matilda, The Twits & Fantastic Mr. Fox

Re: Roald Dahl books in general - How I missed these 1st time around - I remember hearing that the author of Charlie and the Chocolate factory had other books; I had no idea they were all so good! Matilda was the 1st one we read after Findley's party, then we got the audio-book for the Twits, and recently saw the Mr. Fox movie.

Great page-turner kids book from Daniel Pinkwater. Might have to wait a year or two before reading it with Louise - we started it, but the story didn't grab her like it did me. But I loved it. And it has a sacred turtle.

Calef Brown
Did the cover-art for the paper-back edition of the Neddiad, and then we saw his Sphinx poem on a blog, and we HAD to get one of his book. Great pictures, fun poems.

Phineas and Ferb
This is the Favorite show in this house, by a mile. Great stories, great music, a platypus - what is there not to love?

Quantic & His Combo Barbaro
Quantic is the stage name for Will Holland, - a DJ/Producer/Musician from England who's living in Columbia. His last two releases: Tropidelico and Tradition in Transition (w/ Combo Barbaro) are super-fun latin-jazz inspired tunes. Great for running (on shuffle LCD Soundsystem & others).

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