We are having a devil of a time finding a 'good' kite. By good - I mean one that can handle a range of wind speeds, and will stay in the air on it's own if you tie it to a stake or something once it's up. Is that too much to ask?

The picture above is Louise, flying our latest purchase, a kite from Prism, which I figured was a fancy brand so it would be better, but this one keeps steering (lilting?) to the Left, and then crashes. So I'm still looking.


Whoa - it's March already! 

Winter seems to have flown by here in Seattle (sad to say, but for me, the arrival of March signals the end of winter) What did we do....

* Ski Lessons - 6 Sundays in a row at Summit West. Louise is now, officially, a skiing fool. Sadly, I do not have any good pictures as evidence. But we now have a new camera, and the season's not over....

*Science Fair - what makes a fast Lego car?


Louise, standing by her Science Fair project, with the two-car starting gate at the top of the hill.

We've been playing with Legos quite a bit lately, and are liking their new "Powerminers" sets.


What else? Lisa's busy at her store, I'm busy at my work, Louise is busy at school... We stayed put here in Seattle for mid-winter break, but are planning on some travel for spring break (end of March).

And I've got a new camera, so maybe I'll be taking more pictures and posting more - keep checking back! I often think I should expand this blog a bit, and write more than just generic 'X-mas letter' like updates on our lives. Maybe music? Salsa music, especially Fruko y sus Tesos is my latest interest (thanks soul-sides!), as well as most anything Yo Gabba Gabba, and this Tom Waits post was cool.

'Til Next Time!

Vade on the beach

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