Louise and her XO 

With the recent release of Sugar 8.2.0 (upgrade to the operating system) for Louise's little green computer, she's been using it a bit more - it's still quirky, but a bit easier to navigate. And we loaded Tux-Paint on it, so she's stoked.


Of course, when at home, she would always rather get on our computer - Flash website and a big screen are hard to beat....

And here's a funny picture:


The real reason for this post - to bump the last one down.... As excited as I am about Obama's election, honestly that's a kinda scary-looking stencil/sign of him - not what I want to see 1st thing on my home page....


Yes we did! 


It's an exciting time.

Louise is showing her independent streak - she didn't want to wear her Obama shirt to the party last night (I don't think she like that it's blue and white - it's very 'boyish' and not very fashion). But - she voted for Obama in her school election, and wore her shirt to bed last night to sleep in.

We got a great email from my sister who's living in Namibia (for a few more weeks, at least) - quick excerpt:

Here's a sampling of what we are getting from international friends here:

"I am watching the news now! Here comes world peace and prosperity!" friend from Zimbabwe
"Congrats to America, so clean and inspirational an election, we hope African leaders will learn some lessons." Zim
"USA: the greatest people in the world" friend from DRC

and so on and so on...
Needless to say, folks here think we've done well in the US tonight.

Sorry for the lag in posting to the blog - I'll try and step it up. Remember, there's always more pictures on the flickr account then the few I stick here....

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