1st Grade! 

It's hard to believe - summer is now over, and Louise has started 1st grade.

1st day of school - 1st grade!

Louise is taking the bus to school now, which she's excited about. She has the same teacher that she had for kindergarten, which is great news - we all really like Ms. Jennifer.

Summer flew by it seemed, and I fear that they will only start going by faster and faster as time goes on.


Here are the 'baby' swallows that hatched at our house this year - I believe this was the 3rd year the parents have come back! This picture was taken the day before these two flew out of the nest - but they kept coming back in the evenings to sleep for a few more days, which was nice.

We spent the last week of summer in McCall, which really is hard to beat for good summer fun - hanging at the beach, playing in the water, boating, hiking - the works.

Louise at Payette Lake.jpg

And winter is on the way. 1st piece of evidence: Ice skating!

Skating with the pickle-buckets.jpg

Granted, this was at an indoor rink, taken in August - but still....

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