...and the livin' is easy.


Here's a picture of Louise, headed in for her last day of Kindergarten.


Compare this one to her 1st day of Kindergarten - she's growing fast!

This is a long overdue update to the blog, so lots below. FYI - I upload pictures to Flickr much more often then I write blog posts - so you can always go there for more pics, less commentary.

Lisa's store had it's Grand Opening on June 5th!


Marco came and played guitar, Debbie Bianchi had (and still has) paintings on display in the store, and there was a great turnout. It's an exciting time.


Maria created a great looking website for Lisa's store - it's simple, but elegant & clean. Be sure to check it out: lisaesztergalyos.com.

And it's worth a mention that this blog is now accessible via the easy-to-remember URL of knlranch.com. This simply re-directs you to the same site, but it's much easier than remembering the original one.

Enjoy summer, ya'll I know we will!

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