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Louise wore lots of different costumes this Halloween - a different one at each event: Cinderella at the school party, Flamenco dancer at the Day of the Dead festival, Hello Kitty Princess for neighborhood trick-or-treating, and this one - a ballerina (in her receital outfit) for the local retail area store trick-or-treating. Lots of fun. Still too much candy.


One of Louise's favorite activities is crafting with Aunt Maria. They're getting products ready for the upcoming craft fair at C&P coffee!

The whole Chumby thing is new and getting the bugs worked out - it was cute here when it had a flickr slide show running of OUR pictures, but now it seems to be running a 'sample' slideshow. Not what I want at the top of the blog.



Did I mention what I geek I am, and how we just got our "insider's early release" Chumby?

The excuse was as an alarm clock for me (I've been using my cell phone), but whatever. It's fun - we've got a flickr slideshow going right now ... it's pretty cool, and darn cute.

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