Louise is helping me write this today. She wants to tell people about the pictures:


Louise says: "I just drawed it, I made a lot of things in it, I made a pretty sun with a blue sky and a nice dress, and I'm going to draw another picture like that because I like it so much. I also love it a lot, and her name is Carla".


Louise says: "This is the alphabet. It's just that I made it, and my Dad helped me and I think I like the G the best".


Ken: This is from when Louise and I made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies a few weeks ago. They came our really good.


Louise has two things she's really into right now. Legos, and her favorite band, Smoosh. Louise is pretty Smoosh crazy right now. She 1st heard them on the radio here and it's a band the whole family likes to listen to. They're local, so we're hoping to catch a show soon.

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