Idaho Vacation Pictures 

OK - a few pictures from our trip to Idaho. We had a great time.


2 nights in Boise, 2 in McCall, 2 nights in Boise. Pretty much all of the photos are from McCall, except this one - of Joe & Elyse's baby Axle, taken with Louise's camera.


That's one happy kid, there.

The trip to McCall was great, dispite the smoke from all the forest fires in the area. The old 'Schiele family cabin' is being taken down, for some would say obvious reasons...


...to make way for construction of a new one next summer. Grandpa Schiele had some friends come out while we were there - to help out with the manual labor of removing the siding and wood that could be salvaged for the next building - so we stayed at Uncle Gordon and Aunt Susan's new place one night, and stayed in a Tee-Pee the next. Wahoo!




But, of course, the real highlight of the trip for all of us was meeting our new cousin, Ezra Jack.


Now Louise is a Rainbow Bird (highest grade @ her pre-school, PMCCP), Lisa and I are back to the grind, and Fall is in the air. Ciao!


Back from Vacation... 

...Lots of pictures to go through - I promise I'll post some soon. We had a great time.

In the meantime, I stumbled across this in the news - more evidence that Barcelona is the place to be, if you ask me. Go Barça!

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