Happy Birthday Louise! 

Louise is turning four tomorrow - it's hard to believe.


But now Louise will have to share the month of August with a few others... Ezra Jack Roscoe - 9 lbs 4 oz, born August 12:


And Ona Rose Kellner Donaldson - 8 lbs, 13 oz, born on August 6th:

Ona Rose

Welcome to the world, little ones!

Speaking of Little ones - the baby swallows we had on our front porch have all grown up and flown away. Here's a picture I got of the happy family - a rare one where I was lucky enough to snap one of the babies and a parent.


And finally, a picture of the Zucchini Car that Louise recently made down at the farmers market. She won a blue ribbon - not too surprising, looking at this creation!


So, as I often say at the end of a post, Life is good (it seems that's what usually pops in my head after posting pictures). 'til next time -


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