Baby Birds! 

Right here on our front porch. Swallows, to be specific.


There's 4 of them (one is hiding in this picture), and they're always hungry. Louise really likes them - it's a real treat having them here. When ever we open of close the screen door, they must think it's their mom coming with food - because the really start chirping!

Louise is having a great summer. We haven't been as dilligent about taking pictures lately, but there's a few good ones. Here's one of her recently with Hello Kitty - she put a 'veil' on herself AND Hello Kitty that day.


I'll try to get more pics more often - the birds are growing fast (and I suppose Louise is too) - so one month intervals are not going to cut it for long.

What else ... we have a lawn in the back yard now, where the weed-patch used to be. No photos to share yet, but I'll get some (soon).

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