Dancing Pup! 


Louise had her big recital today, and she was fantastic - dancing and singing with gusto. Her cheering section was quite proud, and she earned a dozen roses and a trophy for her efforts. And despite Mexico's loss to Argentina & Ecuador losing today, she still has a few teams that are still in the running for winning the World Cup.


Robot Dance 

Being American, Louise can really root for anyone to win. But since Mexico and England are the two countries that made the World Cup that she's visited, she's rooting for them now as well.


And I really can see her liking her new soccer jersey - it's pink and it has kitties. Here's a detail from the crest:


Besides, being a dancer, she probably will enjoy watching Crouch score. But the excitement of the World Cup will soon be eclipsed by the excitement of the recital, only 3 weeks away ....



World Cup 2006 starts Friday! 

OK, so the title of this post has nothing to do with the picture...


...but I am excited. Louise will be rooting for Ecuador, Brazil & USA for this, her 1st world cup.

Wow - While I've uploaded a few pictures to our Flickr site, I realized I haven't changed much here in a LONG time. Chalk it up to busy schedules, I guess. This picture is one of my recent favorites.

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