The Best Easter Ever! 

Louise had a great Easter.


Great Aunt Margaret from Spokane sent a baby doll with hand-made clothes. "Baby-Dear" is now it's name. On Our 1st night back home from Vancouver, Louise wanted to sleep on the floor next to it's cradle.


She also got a outfit for Hello-Kitty Bear from Aunt Maria - a dress with fairy wings.


And in rare non-Louise news...right before Easter weekend, I went to the opening of an show by Catalina Estrada at a local gallery. The prints & paintings there were great, much better than I could dream of capturing with my camera phone, but I had to try....


And it's looking like Maria and Erin will be moving to Seattle sooner than later. Life is good.


Happy Easter! 

If we see the Easter Bunny again, we'll send a picture.

DSC04189_Esater Bunny

Louise didn't feel much like drawing for a while. I should have known I'd regret getting her those stamps. But she's back in the swing of things.


The top one's the hot tub, the big one's the swimming pool, and the river is at the bottom.

And here's a flower.


Louise only wants to wear dresses with tights anymore. But she must have been feeling sporty when she picked this out...


Go Barça!


Now with SC© (Super-Cute) Technology 

It's been fun watching winter turn to spring around here. We recently spent a few nights up at Whidbey Island at our friend Wendy's cabin - and we had a great time. Grandma & Grandpa Schiele came to town, as did aunt Christine & cousin Marco, and we got to spend a little time with Gigi & Loki (Wendy's daughter and grandson) as well. We took a stroll on the beach...

Louise using her SC technology to fly above the sands

and Marco & Louise had a good time goofin':


And we just had an all-around good time. It's easy to forget how 'far' you can get from Seattle with just a little effort.

Speaking of getting away from Seattle - for a bit more effort (ferry ride, longer drive, backpacking) you can really get away:


This is from what a friend told me was the longest stretch of unadulterated (no roads) coast in the continental USA. Can't verify that claim, but there was 18 miles of coast without roads, and breathtaking views along the way.

'Til next time....


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