Louise's little garden... 

...in the shade. Well, it was cloudy.

1st - the garden she made outside today.


Leaves pulled from our rhododendron, all they need to do is bloom, she says.

And, in case you missed it on Flickr, the castle she recently drew, which still fascinates me:


I saw that the new Chinese New Year is going to be the YEAR OF THE DOG. I don't know if that has anything to do with the creative outpourings from Louise lately, or that I've just started to notice them more. But she was acting like a dog earlier today, so who knows.


Happy New Year! 


Here's one of the many photos I've been uploading to our Flickr site lately... It's easier to put the photos there, and I never know what else to write here anyways....

Today, Lisa, Louise and I went skiing at Snoqualmie Summit - 1st time on skis for the season for the girls. We had a good time, and made this snow-mouse.


So we're off to a good start for 2006.

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