Happy Halloween! 

Louise went on a candy-fueled trip to the Cinderella-land of her imagination.


Trick-or-Treating at the W. Seattle Junction, we ran into our god-daughter Muriel, along with her parents Carey and David. She was dressed up as Karl Rove, complete with ball-and-chain.


A few days later, Louise dressed up in her "Dragon Outfit" for a party...


She's taken to hamming it up for the camera a bit more now. In particular, she likes picking out different outfits and modeling them for us.


This ensemble she put together when she wanted to go swimming the other day at the beach. Nevermind it was in the high 40's - low 50's that day and raining.


That's all for now. No great footage on the movie from her dance lessons - getting the camera to focus through the glass, while battling the throngs of parents was not easy. But we do have this shot of Louise dancing a bit at home.



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