Chocolate Cake! 

We recently celebrated my 36th Birthday (It's hard to believe I've survived this long) - and Louise was VERY excited...

Very excited about eating the cake that she decorated with blueberries on top of the chocolate frosting.


Here's Louise and I mugging with the cake for the camera.


And the day ended as all days should (and most do at our house) - with Cinderella dancing at the ball in our living room.


All in all, good times here in Seattle.


Oldies but Goodies 

Holed up here in China at the factory, a good way to pass the time is to sift through the pictures on my hard-drive.




A week or so ago Lisa and I browsed through a bunch of old pictures of Louise - it's amazing to see how much she's grown in the past 3 years, and figured some of ya'll might enjoy doing the same (hit the archive buttons for more of the old stuff).

More pictures of strange Chinese vehicles later....



Ni Hao! 

Last time I was in China, I brought all sorts of photos to post from here in my spare time. But, I wasn't able to post very easily.

Now, I've got no pictures, not much spare time, and only a picturefrom my camera-phone of this strange Chinese utility vehicle to share.


Yep. Lisa, Louise & Grandma are having fun in Seattle. If this post goes well, I might dredge my hard-drive for some classic photos to share in later posts.


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