More birthday photos! 

Lisa's mom got some great photos from Louise's birthday party. First, one of Louise in her new Cinderella dress.


And a cute one of Louise wearing a dress that Lisa used to wear when she was a little girl.

Lou & Lisa


She's OK! 

It's been a crazy week - Louise had some sort of Asthma attack on Monday, and we got to spend the night in the hospital. What an adventure.


I say "sort of" because she's never signs of this before so we're not sure, but "asthma" because she responded well to the usual medications for Asthma. She's got an appointment next week with an allery/asthma specialist, so hopefully we'll learn more soon. I was a bit surprised to find out that 1 in 4 urban kids are affected by it. Go figure.



Back to 'normal' this weekend, I hope.



She's Three! 

Louise is now three, and as she will let you know - next she'll be four, then five, and then she goes to kindergarten.






Hello Kitty was the party's theme, she got a number of great gifts, and had a fun day. We finished off with dinner at a Churrascaria downtown, where Louise had wonderful manners and enjoyed using her tongs to help retrieve meats from the roving servers.


Happy Birthday Janet! 

DSC03481_sitting_at_Anthony & Michael's Party

No, really - click on the the picture, check out what (little) we've got saved there, and leave some comments. Since I don't have comments enabled on the blog (didn't work when I tried) - the Flickr site is where the action is


A bountiful Harvest from the Garden 

Louise really loves eating the beans and tomatoes we're growing in the garden. Here, she was mugging for the camera while eating some beans.

Yum, yum, yum, yum - Delicioso

I think I'll start using Flickr more -it's really cool. The hi-res images are stored there for those looking for them, and it's EASY for to post pictures. (Hopefully) Coming soon - pictures from my new camera-phone!

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