Easter 05 

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Another way I can post pictures, this time - with Flickr. I need to start taking more pictures - all I can find is old ones...

Pictures from Texas. 

Finally - an update to the website. I'm headed out of town for a couple of days and already miss Louise, so I figured "Why not update the website?" Here's a picture of Lisa, Louise and aunt Janet to make up for the delay. Click on it for a movie of Louise singing a song from Cinderella:

Swimming in Texas

Louise is now enrolled in the Pike Place Market Pre-School 4 days a week while Lisa's busy managing the shop down at Carroll's. Louise is still not too sure about the whole deal, but her parents are happy with the place. Louise is slowly warming up to it - she doesn't want to go in the morning, but seems happy when she's picked up at the end of the day.

I'm going to try a new way to upload pictures. This is the super-easy way to do it that blogger has implemented. Could make my life easier.

Louise still does enjoy riding Rody.

I'm not sure the new upload will work for me as easily as I hoped, but it's pretty slick. We'll see....

What else - not much. Life is good. Louise is drawing up a storm as well - LOTS of faces, and now they've got arms and legs as well. I'll upload some pictures later.

Adios - KS.

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