London Bridge is Falling Down.... 

The trip to London is off to a great start. We went to Trafalgar Square yesterday, just like Louise has seen in her book "Madeline in London." Today, we rode the London Eye (huge ferris-wheel) and had tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery. And, of course, Louise is having a great time playing with grandma and grandpa.

Checking out one of the Lions at Trafalger Square

A view from 135 meters above London on the London Eye

Tea at the Palace!


Happy Mother's Day 

To all the mothers in our family - Here's some more pictures and movies.

The movies - I tried and tried to get Louise to dance for the camera, but she was determined to stick with her artwork. Eventually she sang a bit.


KnL Ranch

update_05.09.05: shuffled some pics so they better correspond with the linked movies, updated some alt_text with new captions.

Her latest masterpiece


Happy Birthday Mumsie!

Happy Birthday Mumsie!

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