Some more pics 

Just a few clips of Louise and some of the toys she's been playing with (low-res and quick loading stills from the video camera). Also - one of her favorite songs has a video up on the internets - It's the Freddie Bell and Roberta Linn song, For You.



Boat Ride



Happy Birthday Papa! 

Louise was happy to hear that Papa received his package in the mail today. Her trip to the post office on Monday was so exciting, she wanted to know whether Papa's package was sent by truck or plane. Here she is lounging on her bed with the animals!

just waking up


Happy Birthday Mumsie! 

Louise has not gotten over the excitement of Easter yet, and is having alot of fun playing with her new Snoopy and the bunny ears. Click on the picture for another short little movie.

Happy Birthday Mumsie!

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