Happy Easter 

Jules & Theresa came to visit, and Louise had a lot of fun: painting eggs, eating candy, dancing, playing with snoopy, etc. All of the pics are links to short movies (althought in most cases the picture has nothing to do with the movie). Enjoy!

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter


Dancing with Mumsie


She's an Artist! 

During dinner last night, with Mumsie and Papa in attendance, while in a fever-induced creative outpouring, Louise drew her 1st recognizable face. Or at least the 1st one that we've seen.


We were quite excited.


Happy Birthday Christine! 

It's so much easier than sending a card....

Louise has been dancing and singing up a storm latey, to everyone's delight. Here's a movie of her Dancing in the kitchen. Click on the picture below for her singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing' in the bathtub. It's NEVER too late for Christmas songs.



Happy Birthday Grandpa Schiele! 

Older than the hills, they say - but not going down without a fight.

A few goodies here - pictures of Louise in her duck hat, and a movie if you click on it! Also, for your listening pleasure, an MP3 of Audrey Arno's "English College Girls" - which Louise refers to as "the La-La song". It's definitely one of her favorites for dancin'.


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