Louise is a very stylish girl. 

Louise has been running around in her fur-child coat and her 'dragon shirt' that she wore to the Chinese New Year festival, where the dragons were very loud. And very hungry.

These boots were made for walkin'

Joe Cool

Action Dragon


Big changes at the ranch (online) 

There's some changes at the website, new pictures (which will be bigger from now on), a search bar at the top (you can actually search this site, as if I really ever write much), and ... well, that's it for now. But exciting, no?

One of Lisa's Louise's favorite books is "The Little Fur Family" by Margaret Wise Brown (of Runaway Bunny fame).

Smaller than most, in little fur coats

Lisa has long admired the fur family's little fur coats, and now Louise has one.

Lisa, Louise & Theresa

Along with a hat as well. Lisa's mom sewed it for Louise, and Louise is pretty happy with it.


Lisa's sister Maria recently visited from LA, and Louise took good care of her.

Make the bed on top of Maria...

Louise likes to make the bed of top of you if you lie down on the couch. She really likes it.

Make the bed on top of Momma - whee!...

Keep checking back for new pictures and more changes!

Play Family People

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