Fun on the Deck 

A few random shots here. Louise has fallen in love with her red suit that her great-aunt Margaret in Spokane crocheted (sp?) for her. She ran around on the the deck in it a few days after Christmas, and we got these pictures.



soccer star!

The 2nd weekend of the new year, we woke up to a bit of snow - 2-3" inches that stuck. Louise was thrilled. We really should have taken more pictures - between the sledding and the snowmen, Louise had a lot of fun that day. She stayed warm in her snowsuit and mittens, so I think we're ready for the mountains and some skiing very soon (we're FINALLY getting enough snow here for the ski areas to open).


Louise likes to make the bed on top of us, and read us stories - like we do for her at bed time. It's a great way to relax an bit and entertain her at the same time. Here, Louise is reading "Babar bakes a Cake" to Lisa, the attentive listener.

story time

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