Merry Christmas! 

A few choice pictures from today's celebrations. Louise simply 'got it' this year - hollered out for 'Baby Jesus' at Church, left some of her animals in the front room so they could meet Santa (since she would be asleep), opened presents with gusto, had a tea party with her new dolls, and told us tonight that she is beautiful in her new Pajamas.



Hello Kitty

Brushin' Hello Kitty's Hair

Tea Party with Belle and Penelope.


Story Time @ Tea.

All tuckered out.

Lisa and Louise Sleeping.


Louise has big feet. 

She asked me to take a picture of them, so here you go.


The rest of the bunch are from the weekend of 12/10, when we put up the tree and decorated it. Louise is very excited to have Santa visit, and is planning on having some of her animals in the front room to greet him, since we'll be sleeping.


Tree Decorating!

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas!

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