Lisa took Louise to get a haircut today after pre-school. When I asked her this evening how her haircut went, she said "I am so beautiful." Who are we to disagree?

I am so beauitful!


Fall is here! 

I recently returned from another trip to the factory, and now Louise has added the phrase "China Presents" to her ever-expanding vocabulary.

Louise is getting pretty adept playing with the legos - on the table behind her, you can see one of the ducks that we make. She came up with the idea to add wings to them - I think that's the 1st duck with wings (red) that she made.


Louise has discovered the joys of jumping into piles of leaves. We hit a park a few weeks ago that had the motherload of all leaf piles, but this one we raked up in the front yard was enough for Louise to have some fun with.


And Louise is, of course, getting fired up for ski season. Jami and Dave from Portland loaned us some skis that should work perfect for her first season - they come with bindings, and have 'fish-scale' bases so she won't be sliding backwards unexpectedly. Best of all - they're free-heel bindings. She'll graduate to K2's soon enough....


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