Happy Halloween! 

Louise dressed up like a kitty for Halloween. A trial dress up on October 29th, followed by Trick-or-Treating at the Junction from 1-3 on Saturday, culminating in today's excitement: trick-or-treating the neighborhood after dark. It's hard to beat this kind of fun.



A visit from Grandma! 

Woo-Hoo, Louis is doing super. Grandma Schiele recently visited, and we all had a great time. Here's a few pictures from the weekend.









Deck Pictures 

For anyone who didn't know - we've finally gotten around to the big backyard project: terracing the hill from the house to the alley and replacing the deck. I'd say we're 75% there - the rock walls are almost all done but the rock stairs aren't in; the deck is built, but not stained, etc. But - today was the 1st day Louise got to play on it - so we've got pictures to share. It will be fantastic when it's done - some flat space for Louise to play in (maybe even enough for a game of Croquet) and a deck with hand-rails that are up to code (Louise can't fall through) and that's not painted blue. We're excited.




So Many Picture! She's So Cute! 

Ok - some more pictures, now that I can post more easily.

Lisa bought Louise this cute Blue hat - it reminder her of one of our favorite hats that Louise wore when she was just a few months old. She wasn't at all interested in it until we were leaving to go to the aquarium. Louise is a very stylish girl.

Blue Hat

Blue Hat 2

Here's Louise, showing off her new bike helmet.


Theresa taught Lisa how to Crochet, and here's her first hat. Louise certainly likes it - I'd say it's in her top two or 3 most worn hats already.

Crocheted Hat 1

Crocheted Hat 2

Crocheted Hat 3

One thing Louise likes to do is put her diapers on her stuffed animals. Cute. But sometimes she puts diapers on small stuffed animals, small to the point that they are completely covered by the diaper. She took it to a new level today - putting her Fisher-Price play-family baby in one of her diapers.

baby diaper

baby diaper smile

That's it for now. Adios!

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