Cute as Ever 

Louise had her two-year-old doctor's appointment today. She's doing well - still near the top of the growth curves for both weight and height. She's actually off the charts for height, but she was squirming alot for the measurement, so there could be some error there.

Maria is sending us copies of the pictures she took during her visit - when Louise was opening the presents. So - there's not much for birthday photos here - but since I promised (previous post) - I figured I'd better post something.

1st - Louise, a few weeks back, while visiting Papa & Mumsie in Vancouver:

Fun on the Swing

This one is minutes before we left for James & Annie Rial's wedding, in her new polka-dot dress.

Fun on the Swing

And here's one from the day before her birthday. Jules & Theresa brought down the "big girl bed" that Jules made for Lisa when she was that size. She loves the bed, but is still not sure about sleeping in it - preferring to hop in her crib when we're done with stories at night. But, it's just her size, and she loves to play with her animals on it.

Fun on the Swing

More to come, soon enough....



She's Two! 

I'll upload pictures later this week. Thanks for the gifts and cards - Louise was thrilled to open present after present, and had a great day.

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