Singing, Swinging Louise 

Some more movies, some more pictures. Kim Collmer visited for a few days while I was in China and took a bunch of pictures. Some of the best are here, along with some we took. The last two pictures of her swinging link to movies of her swinging. The first two pictures link to movies of her singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (with a little help). Enjoy!

Louise and her baby

There's an exhibit at the Children's Museum in Seattle of Japanese art. Louise has become an even bigger fan of Totoro than her parents, and now we're members of the museum so we can visit a few more times before it's gone (in June).


And now, the swinging pictures. This is at Lowman beach, just a short walk (down a steep hill) from our house.

'Til next time,



first haircut! 

Hola - big day for Louise today, her 1st haircut. We won't post the pics of her wailing while it was being cut. Instead, here's a few of her showing off her new 'doo. Enjoy.



And a bit older one, but worth putting up here....

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